10 Overly Hated Musicians In Rock History

Love them, hate them... but do they deserve it?

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Being a rock star often comes with its fair share of adulation. Even the most level headed of people have trouble letting fame and attention get the better of them when they're being heralded as the next big thing.

As far as the industry is concerned though, it's real easy to have that same type of attention go in the opposite direction.

For years, these artists have received paddlings from both fans and critics alike for being the reason why we can't have nice things.

From their involvement with other musicians to the god awful material they create on their own, each of these musicians have been brought up more for their wretched activities they've been involved with than the actual art they're trying to make. While sometimes the public can be right, do they really deserve this kind of scorn?

As far as the music industry is concerned, many of these people have played pivotal roles in their respective genres, from exposing a new style of music to the world to paving the way for more new and exciting bands coming down the pipeline.

Whereas others might sharpen their pitchforks for these artists, they've done a lot more good than harm in their day. They may be rock's punching bags, but let's take a look at the full story.

10. Adam Levine - Maroon 5

If there was one word to describe Maroon 5 in the early parts of the '00s, it would be harmless.

As far as your typical pop rock is concerned, songs like She Will Be Loved and This Love were good enough earworms, until they gave way to some truly wretched production like Girls Like You and Daylight just a few years later.

While most of the blame is on Adam Levine for the drastic tonal shift, he's probably the only reason why Maroon 5 is still a thing.

Granted, there's still a question about whether that's a good thing, but Levine's amazing croon has managed to stick with him through all these years.

Even on some of the more forgettable albums like Overexposed, songs like Love Somebody show Levine to still have a commanding presence behind the mic, as well as being a fairly captivating lead singer presence.

If you go back to the early days, Levine also had the songwriting chops to back it up too, even going into some (*GASP*) harder rock territory on Harder to Breathe and going so far as to collaborate with Slash on his solo album on the song Gotten.

For as much unneeded attention that Maroon 5 has gotten in recent years, Adam Levine at least has the raw talent to back up some of his more inexcusable works.

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