10 Overly Hated Musicians In Rock History

9. Phil Collins

Up until the present day, every prog rock fan has had a bit of a dividing line with Genesis. For all of the massive stage getups and complex odysseys made with Peter Gabriel at the helm, there's a definite dividing line when Phil Collins stepped up to the mic.

Though both Gabriel and Genesis proper went onto to massive success in the '80s, there's still a subset who would prefer Collins be known as the Almighty Destroyer of the Prog Giants.

However, if you look at the people responsible for the poppier albums like Invisible Touch, Collins was the one trying to bring them back to their prog roots on songs like Tonight Tonight Tonight. Although many might remember stuff like In the Air Tonight from Collins' solo career, his first stabs as a singer in Genesis were still complex, down to the massive tempo shifts on the record a Trick of the Tail.

Along with the massive attention to detail, the aura behind Collins far overshadows his amazing skills behind the drums. Contrary to that one fill in In the Air Tonight, Collins really has shown to have a handle on keeping a prog groove tight, with snare rolls so precise that he was name-checked as an influence for a young Neil Peart.

Across his career, Phil Collins isn't the hack who ruined Genesis...he may just be the reason why they remained important through the years.

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