10 Overrated Rock Music Acts Of The 2010s

9. Thirty Seconds To Mars

One cant help but imagine, that if it wasn't for all the intrigue surrounding Jared Leto this band might not have the fan base it currently boasts. The popularity of Thirty Seconds To Mars is perhaps more easily explained with the knowledge that their frontman is actually Christ come again.

The band have embraced the fevered dedication their fans have, by quite literally starting a cult in Croatia. Just before the Corona virus griped the world like a biblical plague, Jared Leto sequestered himself and hundreds of hardcore fans in a remote location in the Balkans. A quick google will reveal the mad truth of this - with a long beard and white messianic style robes, it was pretty clear who he was trying to emulate.

With a civil war about to take place in America, apocalyptic weather and a global plague that kept everybody locked in their homes for months, a rock musician dressing as Jesus, and serenading flocks of disciples with electro future rock didn't seem all that weird.

Listening to his bands music throughout the last decade makes it obvious Leto's been planing his messianic take over for some time. Lyrics like "The maniac Messiah. Destruction is his game" and the repeated line "All we need Is faith" doesn't leave much room for speculation as to what Leto's getting at.

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