10 Perfect '90s Rock Albums That Are Ridiculously Long

9. Anthology - The Beatles

The idea of getting any new Beatles material past 1980 seemed like a pipedream for most Fab fans. With John Lennon shuffling off this mortal coil, the magic that the lads from Liverpool had could never be recreated, always working off the power of all 4 members equally. There were a few songs that John had left behind, and the rest of his musical brothers came back together again for one of the most stretched out projects in rock history.

Coming as a 3 CD set, the Anthology collection makes you feel like a fly on the wall during Beatles sessions, seeing the outtakes and elements that didn't exactly make the cut on some of their best records. Accompanied by a 10 part documentary being filmed at the same time, all of these CDs are telling the long story of just what Beatlemania was like, including bits and pieces of spoken word from the documentary next to working takes of their early days and B-sides that never saw the light of day like That Means a Lot.

There are countless songs that most fans would recognize on here, but they're far from their classic form, making you feel like you're listening in Abbey Road as they finetune songs like Strawberry Fields Forever into works of art. The real reason for the anthology is for the new songs Free As a Bird and Real Love, having that same Beatles camaraderie that we knew back in the '60s. John may not have been around to see this pan out, but sometimes that musical magic can work from beyond the grave.

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