10 Perfect Albums From The Golden Age Of Hip Hop

9. !*$% - Snoop Dogg (1993)

The golden age of hip hop was inundated with debut records that exploded onto the scene with unique style. But no one had more of a distinctive sound than Snoop Dogg. With Dr. Dre at the producing helm, Snoop entered the scene with one of the more iconic records of the genre.

Dre was hot off the back of his solo debut, The Chronic. He had developed a sound that was distinct enough from N.W.A, to establish himself as a creative force of his own. Among all the guest stars, it included, the then unknown, musical stylings of Snoop Doggy Dogg.

Snoop's debut was a natural continuation of the sound he and Dre had established together on The Chronic. Snoop's uniquely laid back flow, suited Dre's relaxed beats and melodies, perfectly. The lyrics are a harsh and at times humorous, insight into the world of a former drug dealer from Long Beach, California. His lyrics are soaked in gin, infused with smoke and dripping with sexual references. You can almost smell the debauchery on this record.

This is an essential listen for any hip hop enthusiast.

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