10 Perfect Albums That Artists Don't Want To Talk About

8. Who's Next - The Who

Most classic rock fans tend to put Who's Next in the same company as the greatest music to come out of its generation. Fresh off of creating Tommy, the sounds of songs like Baba O Riley felt like the next step, taking the theatrical sounds into an arena with the addition of synthesizers in the mix. There was definitely more ground being covered on here, but if you had asked Pete Townshend, this is a shell of what the Who were actually capable of.

After bringing destruction on Live at Leeds, Townshend thought that the band's next project should be building off of the rock opera concept, taking the basic premise of a deaf dumb and blind boy and putting him in the future with music as his salvation instead of pinball. The basic premise may have had legs to become another masterpiece, but when the rest of the band started to work on the next opera, things became much too convoluted to take seriously anymore.

With Pete nearly suffering a mental breakdown during the making of the record, the plan was to take the operatic style and condense into just a single album, taking the best bits of what he had to offer and channeling it into amazing songs rather than an overarching story. Pete did show up with some of the greatest material of his career here, but you can imagine that it probably stings when you're watching one of your greatest stories being told out of order.

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