10 Perfect Albums That Artists Don't Want To Talk About

7. Night in the Ruts - Aerosmith

If there were any awards for drug taking in the late '70s, Aerosmith would have had absolutely no competition. Just the production for a classic record like Draw the Line was informed by how much they were indulging in the rock star lifestyle, with Joe Perry hiding himself away in his bedroom for the first few weeks getting high. They were still a band of brothers though, but Night in the Ruts was the first time you started to see the dissolving of the family.

While most of this record was being made in between legs of a tour, you can tell that the chemistry between Steven Tyler and Joe is at its lowest, with Joe barely appearing on any of the songs and having to rely on covers like their version of Remember (Walking in the Sand). Though the studio might have been a bit uneasy, it only got worse on the road, with Joe quitting on the spot after a gig once Steven made a passing comment about him having his wife with him on the road.

By the time they got to the studio, the band had to hire Jimmy Crespo to help fill out some of the guitar sounds, as well as making some songs that were more devoted to Steven's talents, like his piano ballad Mia. There are definitely some great songs to be had on a record like this, but this was far from the all night party that Toys in the Attic was. If anything, there's a melancholy to this record, as if the rest of the band knew that the glory days were officially over.

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