10 Perfect Beatles Songs From Their Solo Careers

The Fab Songs That Could Have Been.

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With over half a century in the rearview mirror, it looks like the rock world is still trying to process the aftermath of the Beatles' breakup. If the new Get Back documentary is any indication, it was absolutely heartbreaking seeing some of the most joyful musicians in the world fall out over business and eventually going their separate ways in their solo years. That songwriting magic never truly goes away though, and some of the songs that turn up on their solo albums have the spark that you see on the classic Fab albums.

When looking back through the first few years of every members' solo career, you can find a ton of songs that would have benefited from the touch of the rest of the band, whether it's right in their traditional style or having a song with the potential to be a hit on the scale of Hey Jude. This wasn't just the residue of their time together either, with some of the more Beatlesque tunes showing up later on down the line.

Because in rock and roll, that brotherhood mentality never really goes away, and every Beatle (yes, even Ringo) has had songs that could stand alongside the best that the Fabs have ever made. They may have gotten the reputation as being history's greatest band, but some of the greatest moments didn't have to be tied down to the brand name all the time.

10. Jenny Wren - Paul McCartney

As Paul McCartney made his way into the '00s, it looked like he was comfortable leaving the Fab side of his life behind. It had been nearly half a century since he was in one of the biggest bands of all time, and we all have to find a way to move on from the past sometime. That doesn't mean you forget where you came from though, and Chaos and Creation in the Backyard gave us a look back at the Macca of old on Jenny Wren.

With nothing but an acoustic guitar driving most of the song, this is the kind of Paul that most of us remember from songs like Yesterday and Blackbird from the Beatles' days. There's even a bit of a story in the lyrics on this one, where McCartney describes the life of a girl trying to make her way through life, not unlike what we saw happening on songs like Eleanor Rigby or She's Leaving Home off of Sgt. Peppers.

Granted, this might also fit into the realm of what John Lennon would have called "granny music," which would have made it a bit of a hard sell if this were to go under the Beatles' mantle. Then again, there's enough sincerity behind the lyric to actually make it more than just the sentimental garbage that we were used to. If something like Maxwell's Silver Hammer and Ob La Di Ob La Da can find their way onto Beatles recordings, we shouldn't have to worry about a thing with this song.

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