10 Perfect Beatles Songs With No Flaws

The Most Fab Inclusions.

The Beatles
Abbey Road

Even after half a century since their last album, fans are still willing to call the Beatles one of the greatest bands to ever play rock and roll music. When someone's been at the top that long though, you have to wonder whether these kind of songs actually stand the test of the time like people say they do. So have the Fab Four really earned that accolade as history's greatest band? Answer: HELL YES.

In just under a decade of recorded history, these four musicians from Liverpool gave us more than our fair share of perfect recordings, with absolutely nothing that could be improved about them. You can chalk it up to the Lennon/McCartney songwriting machine if you want to, but every single member of the band made these songs what they were, both through insane recording techniques as well as finetuning bits and pieces of the songs into something legendary.

We also have to keep in mind George Martin as well, a production wizard who took every bonkers idea that the band ever had and turned it into solid gold. Keep in mind this is not a list of the most successful hits that the band ever had or anything. These are just the brief moments where they managed to tap into something that was too perfect for any of us to equal up to.

10. Here There and Everywhere - Revolver

In the years leading up to Revolver, the Beatles were clearly a different band than the one we got to know with the moptops. After a few months of Beatlemania on the road, the Fabs had grown out of their innocent phase real quick and were starting to use the studio as a means to experiment with new sounds. That's not to say that they hadn't lost their touch with writing love songs though.

Looking at Here There and Everywhere, Paul crafts the perfect ode to adolescent romance into just 2 minutes, without any of the wild effects that they were known for at the time. You're not going to see any sitars or backwards sounds here, just carrying the entire tune with one lone electric guitar and the Beatles' three part harmonies leading the way behind Ringo's gentle pulse. Don't just take the word of some random guy on the Internet though. This McCartney tune actually got the seal of approval from the Beatles' harshest critic: John Lennon.

In going through the initial demos of their respective songs, John had mentioned to Paul that this song was miles better than anything that he had written around this time as well. That's just a testament to what Paul captured in that beginning stage. Even though this was the album where everything started to get a little bit bonkers, nothing can get in the way of a great song.

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