10 Perfect Beatles Songs With No Flaws

9. Dear Prudence - The White Album

The sheer fact that the White Album sounds as good as it does is practically a miracle when you look at what the band was up against. Even though the plan was to go to India to practice meditation and find themselves, they returned on completely different creative pages, with each session morphing into solo sessions for each other's songs. It wasn't a total loss though, with John coming up with one of his most peaceful songs while at the site.

Along with the Beatles in India, Mia Farrow was in attendance with her sister Prudence, who had hid herself away in a hut for most of the time to achieve some sort of cosmic consciousness. In an effort to have her open up to the rest of the group, John wrote this song as a gentle lullaby to his friend, using the fingerpicking style that he had picked up from fellow attendee Donavon. Although this is nowhere near the style of John Denver or anything, what makes it work is what the rest of the Beatles bring to it.

With Ringo AWOL after a fight at the studio, Paul is pulling double duty by manning the drums for this song, which makes the entire track come alive when the song breaks into halftime on the final chorus. For all of the pent up aggression felt during this album, this entire track feels like the sun hitting your face through the clouds.

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