10 Perfect Closing Songs In Rock History

Writing the Final Chapter.

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There's a certain art with putting together a final closing track for your album. Although most bands can end up starting things on the right foot, you have to put a little more muscle behind bringing an album to its final moments. Then again, if you're putting together something to act as your final statement, you do have a few options.

Instead of just having the song fade out like so many other bands have done, these artists have taken the time to make their last song a true spectacle. Whether it's the final few minutes blasting away or just providing a slow comedown from the rest of the album, these tracks really leave an impression on you from the first time they hit your eardrums. Listening to them on their own just isn't enough though, and hearing them at the end of the record feels a lot better.

In this case, it's like you're being taken on a journey and then finally coming to the end of the long ride and putting everything in perspective. These aren't just artists that are looking to just put their bunch of songs in a decent order for a record. These are storytellers, and this is the final chapter where everything comes full circle.

10. When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin

As the '60s started to wind down, Led Zeppelin were quickly becoming known as the future of rock and roll. Since there was no one left to take the place of bands like the Beatles, Zeppelin's unique brand of riff based rock and roll became the standard once they released their fourth self titled record. When it came time to bring things home though, it was time for them to go back to the bluesy foundations that started it all.

Containing one of the thickest drumbeats that John Bonham has ever laid to tape, When the Levee Breaks is pretty much the sound of destruction coming from a rock band, with the whole thing sounding like you're trying to walk through mud. This isn't just your average blues jam either though, with Jimmy Page putting little bits and pieces into the mix to make things sound apocalyptic.

For the full 7 minutes of this song, it almost feels like you're the one who fell victim to that levee, as you're trying to find some sort of relief that is not going to be coming any time soon. If anything, Robert Plant is the real victim though, as he screams for his life and absolutely murders the harmonica during the final solo sections. After years of interpreting the blues, this wasn't just a bunch of kids trying to figure things out anymore. No, these were rock gods staking their claim to the throne.

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