10 Perfect Compilation Albums In Rock Music History

9. Get Yer Ya Ya's Out - The Rolling Stones

Since their inception, The Rolling Stones always prided themselves on their strengths as a rough and tumble live band. Though they definitely had their experimental side when they entered the studio, they had always looked up to their bluesy heroes that could tear a club apart just through the power of music. And when the band started to get a lot more chaotic, they captured a little bit of that rock and roll spirit on their live record.

Assembled from different live gigs that they played during their most recent tour, Get Your Ya Ya's Out feels like you're a fly on the wall at some of these shows, as the Stones tear through some of their greatest material. For as many classic Jagger/Richards tracks they could have pulled from, the strength of this record comes when they reinterpret their favorite blues songs like their version of Carol.

Having already been major players in the British Invasion, listening to this album feels like the Stones are finally growing into the style of those old bluesmen that they idolized when they were just starting out. And this was only a hint at what was to come, with their studio output afterwards like Exile On Main St. getting a lot more organic than the bombastic side of rock and roll. The Stones may have reached the top of the world, but they were still the same little beat combo that they were back in the old days.

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