10 Perfect Hard Rock Albums Of The 2000s

9. With Teeth - Nine Inch Nails

Most Nine Inch Nails fans had come to terms with the fact that nothing was going to top something like the Downward Spiral. Even when Trent Reznor tried to make an even darker concept record with the Fragile, there was some type of dark magic that was captured on Spiral that was never going to be replicated ever again. And when Reznor stopped trying to recreate it, he managed to find his way into the big leagues all over again.

A decade after first igniting the industrial rock fire, With Teeth tapped into something equally as morbid for Trent to tackle, going for songs that touch a lot more on feelings of loneliness and something not quite at home. Outside of the enhanced production on this album, songs like The Hand That Feeds had the capacity to be played on the radio, right next to the more artificial pop stars of the day.

Also, you can't help but find something like Every Day is Exactly the Same all the more prophetic in hindsight, with many people thinking they are living the same day over and over again amid the pandemic starting last year. This isn't the kind of album that's meant to wallow in the darkness though. At the end of the hour, it really feels like Trent has found some sort of closure and managed to come out on the other side as a happier person.


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