10 Perfect Metal Albums With No Bad Songs

The Eternal Headbangers.

Iron Maiden Number Of The BEast

The whole reason why rock and roll began was to have something a little rougher than the norm. Since all we had to work with was a couple of guitars and a fistful of power chords, it was up to the British Invasion and the old school rock and rollers to teach us how it was done. Once you got a feel for the harsher side of rock though, you're going to want to reach for something even heavier.

As the '60s revolution paved the way for new sounds, bands were coming out of the woodwork with a much nastier sound than anyone had heard before. Outside of normal bluesy power chords, these were the sounds that were coming from the depths of Hell, which became the go to bands for people who had gotten sick of always going to the Stones and Zeppelin for their kick of heavy.

Ever since then, the metal genre has spawned and brought with it some of the greatest bands of the modern age, each of them with albums that are flawless pieces of art. Though each of these albums have nonstop brilliance from back to front, you might want to tread lightly with some of these records. As soon as the headbanging starts, you're not going to be able to stop.

10. Ace of Spades - Motorhead

Before heavy metal, all we knew of was the harsher side of rock and roll. Before Black Sabbath and Deep Purple started stomping across the land, the old time rock and roll was how it went if you wanted a little nastier than your average pop music. And when it comes to the nastiest boys of rock and roll, Motorhead pretty much invented their own style with Ace of Spades.

If we're talking some of the most influential albums in history, this would probably rank pretty high, with Lemmy himself being an influence on everyone from Ice T to Metallica. The only caviat is that Lemmy never really saw himself as a metal musician. Up until the day he died, Motorhead always played like a loud rock and roll band, and you can really hear it in these songs.

Through all of the grit and distortion coming through the speakers, you can draw a clear line to the sounds of people like Little Richard and Chuck Berry from back in the day. Being birthed at the same time that garage rock was starting to rise to prominence, Motorhead probably earns the distinction for marking the genesis of what we call metal and punk rock in one go. Even if the shoe doesn't fit perfectly, you have to give respect to one of the godfathers of heavy music.

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