10 Perfect Metal Albums With No Bad Songs

9. Hybrid Theory - Linkin Park

Did it feel like a lot of metal collectively shifted in the mid '90s? Though Pantera and Metallica were proud to fly the flag of metal at the time, the alternative revolution threw everyone for a loop and paved the way for the nu metal movement, which ended up doing a lot more harm than good. As much as people might like to forget about the kind of macho aggression that gave us Woodstock 99, the rap rock revolution didn't really peak until Y2K.

After going through headaches behind the scenes, Linkin Park stepped forward with the crowned jewel of nu metal in Hybrid Theory. Without having to cater to the angry white boy set, these songs felt like a whole bunch of different sounds hitting you all at once, from the nu metal foundation of Papercut to the shout along pain of Crawling.

What set Linkin Park apart from the rest of the crowd was two vocalists, with Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda trading bars and making for some of the stickiest hooks in the metal canon. Suddenly, you had metal music that could actually get played on the radio and pull some of the mainstream fans away from the Britney Spears' of the world. While most bands tried to just talk about their daddy issues, this was tapping into something a lot more universal.

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