10 Perfect Metal Albums With ZERO Flaws

The eternal headbangers.


Metal has been known to be an ugly genre for years now. From the detuned guitars to the shouting vocals, the genre has caused a lot of excitement in adolescents and a lot of disapproval from parents. The sound may have been a bit abrasive for some, but no one could ignore the absolute ear candy we were hearing.

Throughout the genre's storied history, bands have come out with albums that have defined everything that metal has stood for. Whether it be a bold new reinvention for the style or the moment where everything gelled, no skip button is required for these records.

Though these albums span many different subgenres of metal from the stone age to now, each of them have helped pave the way for getting metal into the mainstream. Going from subtle to bludgeoning, these records have a little something for everyone who caters towards the heavier side of the rock spectrum.

Above all else, these albums proved that metal was no longer just a niche genre. With millions of sales around the world, these albums made metal one of the leading contenders in the music world, whose flame isn't going to be burnt out any time soon.


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