10 Perfect Rock Albums Of The '90s

9. What's the Story Morning Glory - Oasis

Looking back now, it's hilarious how many people thought Oasis was just some sort of retro fluke. Although Definitely Maybe sold like gangbusters for an independent label, it was going to be impossible to capture that lightning in a bottle twice, right? In theory, yes, but it turns out Noel Gallagher was keeping the real gems on ice for the next record.

Going out to the English countryside, Oasis made a bold leap forward with What's the Story Morning Glory, with songs that felt a lot more worn in than what was on their debut. Though the same Manchester lads were here on this record, Noel took a huge leap in terms of songwriting, turning in tracks that became instantly timeless like Wonderwall and Don't Look Back In Anger.

Even some of the less memorable tracks on here like She's Electric are still a blast for what they are, bringing with them a little bit of '60s sophistication that became synonymous with the Britpop movement. Is this album clearly derivative of some of the Beatles' trademarks? Yes...Noel would probably tell you that as well. But when you're coming off of years of rock and roll that was supposed to be sad, this was that glimmer of sunshine that let us know everything would be alright.

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