10 Perfect Rock Albums With No Bad Songs

The Immaculate Tracklists.

Rumours Fleetwood Mac
Warner Bros.

When rock was first starting to take shape, the album wasn't really looked at as anything special. If you were a decent band who could turn out the hits, you would just throw them all onto an LP and pad out the rest of the album with filler or some decent deep cuts. Around the turn of the century though, people started getting a feel for what they could really do with the format.

Aside from telling a story throughout their runtimes, these albums are some of the highest quality you will ever find in the rock genre, ranging from the grandiose sounds of prog rock to the raging fury behind punk music. Compared to some of the more lackluster cuts you would find on other albums around this time, there are pieces of brilliance throughout every one of these songs, each showing a different side for what these bands could do.

Hell, the greatest of these end up showing you bits and pieces of music that you weren't even sure that the artists were capable of at the time. Regardless of how dated some of them might sound nowadays, you not going to need to use that skip button anytime soon.

10. Hot Fuss - The Killers

No one really goes into the studio thinking that they're going to make one of the greatest records of all time. You might want to make something that holds up to the passage of time, but nothing comes together that great on your first step up to the plate. When the Killers hit the scene though, they hit the ground running on Hot Fuss.

As opposed to the garage rock revival that was happening around the same time, Brandon Flowers was going for a much different tone with his lyrical style. Being hopelessly romantic and heartbroken at the same time, much of the bright melodies on here sound like they're ripped straight out of the greatest '80s album that never actually got made. You can hear wisps of bands like the Smiths and Depeche Mode, but the songs themselves are fashioned to be your favorite song in the world from the minute you hear them.

It's not like this is one note either, with the urgency of tracks like Somebody Told Me being balanced out by something like All These Things That I've Done. And we all have to call attention to Mr. Brightside, which continues to be the singular perfect pop song that refuses to die. By making a loving homage to the past, the Killers actually worked their way into timelessness on this record.

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