10 Perfect Rock Bands With Two Lead Singers

Pass the Mic!

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There's a lot riding on any frontman's shoulders in rock and roll. Since you're the one that's meant to pump out the songs night after night, you have to make sure that you're at the top of your game every time you step up to the microphone, along with being able to have some level of strange presence to get you through everything. It's a heavy burden to carry all at once, so it's sometimes better to share the wealth among a few other people.

As much as some of these bands might have their all star frontman out front, there are many other members of the band that manage to take the reigns every now and again, leading an entire song or even doing tradeoffs with the lead singer when necessary. While some of these might be considered dual frontmen, it never gets to the point where things get too cluttered either.

For all the difference in vocal quality, each of these songs have their own unique identity to the band, without ever feeling like too much is going on at one time. Above all else, this makes for less of an opportunity for the singers to get too big of an ego on them. You might think you're the star of the show, but the other singers are just as important as you are.

10. Genesis

If you looked at the appeal of Genesis in the early days, almost everything came back to Peter Gabriel. Even though the songs themselves were long episodic journeys in prog rock goodness, seeing Gabriel inhabit the stage was a sight to behold, especially with the outlandish costumes he pulled out for songs like Supper's Ready. So, how the hell did they manage to find another singer that had the same type of appeal as he did?

As Gabriel decided to take a break from the band after the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway, the rest of the guys quickly found out the best replacement singer was right under their nose, with Phil Collins stepping out from behind the drum kit to sing. In terms of raw sound, Gabriel and Collins do have very similar tones, but you're not going to mistake one for the other any time soon.

Gabriel was always looking to set up a scene with his lyrics, which is pretty evident in the fact that he seemed to be putting on a play every time he sang. As much as people claim that the band went pop when Collins stepped up though, you need to pay attention to the first few records, where Collins manages to pull double duty behind the drums and pulls off songs that seem almost superhuman to both sing and play at the same time. While fans like to draw a line in the sand in terms of which version of Genesis was better, is it too much to ask for both?

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