10 Perfect Rock Frontmen Of The 90s

9. Scott Weiland - Stone Temple Pilots

The idea of having an all star frontman in the '90s really felt like an oxymoron. As much as MTV loved to throw these grunge bands all across their network, not all of them were the most well equipped for being the next big star in town. There were exceptions though, and Scott Weiland gave us alternative rock by way of Jim Morrison in his prime.

That is, if you knew where to look. In the early days of STP, you had millions of fans comparing the group to Pearl Jam, down to Scott's distinctive baritone voice. As the years went on though, there was a lot more strength to Scott as a frontman, going for a more glamorous vibe in the videos for Interstate Love Song and even going against the norm like wearing a dress when he performed the song Sex Type Thing in concert from time to time.

Even when grunge started to fade, Scott is the primary reason why a band like STP was able to thrive and change with the times. Since the days of sad sack loners on MTV were out the door, albums like No. 4 and Tiny Music gave them a lot more to work with, from garage rock style production to eventually making a bid as this generation's version of David Bowie. Scott Weiland may have been the ideal frontman that most of the '90s needed...just not the one that we were quite ready for yet.

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