10 Perfect Rock Music Albums Of The 2010s

Rising Back With a Vengeance.

Queens of the Stone Age Like Clockwork

Anyone who's still saying that rock has been dead since the mid '00s needs to seriously get their ears checked. For the past decade, we have seen some of the greatest rock music the world has ever produced come to fruition. It's just not in the manner in which you expected it.

Granted, that's not necessarily the fault of any one band. Ever since the era of streaming, the approach to rock music has been miles different than what people were doing back a few decades ago. While there are some bands that are just coaxing off of nostalgia and are hoping to soundtrack a car commercial, some of the veterans of the genre are still holding their own and putting out some of the best material that the rock world has seen in quite some time.

The best cases of these though is where we see artists depart from what they know they're good at to try something completely new. It's never an easy gamble to make, but when you actually see the results, you've actually opened a whole new world you can explore. In an era when the world of hip hop has been slowly taking over the charts, rock and roll hasn't worn out its welcome. You just have to know where to look.

10. Danger Days - My Chemical Romance

My Chemical Romance were almost set up for failure by the time they got to making Danger Days. Since their last album The Black Parade shifted their entire sound and made them one of the kings of the rock world, not many other acts can measure up to something like that. Even when left to their own devices though, this is still one of the best send offs we could have hoped for from the kings of the emo movement.

Being another concept like The Black Parade, Gerard Way has taken the story line in a different direction on this outing, feeling a lot closer to something like Mad Max in its presentation. There's a lot more sonic avenues that the guys explore on this album, incorporating different elements of dance music on Planetary (GO!) and bringing in keyboards like Bulletproof Heart.

That doesn't mean that the aggro version of MCR is missing either, making one of their most caustic rockers like Party Poison and eventually closing things out with one of their most sarcastic songs Vampire Money. And after this, that was all they wanted to say, breaking up after touring commitments wrapped up and going their separate ways. When you look back on everything though, MCR really deserved to go out on their own terms like this.


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