10 Perfect Rock Music Songs That Were Inspired By The Beatles

9. Cancer - My Chemical Romance

One of the biggest elements of the Beatles' magic is how complete their songs sound in their simplest form. For all of the millions of overdubs that they might put on a song like Strawberry Fields Forever, it works just as well being played on a piano or being strummed on an acoustic guitar as well. And when we've been facing nothing but bleak sounds for over half of the Black Parade, Cancer is the kind of palette cleanser that My Chemical Romance needed to soothe us over.

Granted, most of the Black Parade feels like a love letter to every single classic rock band that came before them, pulling from everyone from Bowie to Queen to even Aerosmith to get their point across on some of these songs. And when you get to the heartbreaking ballad, this is the kind of song that Paul McCartney would have written had he been born as a member of the goth scene, being just 2 minutes of beautiful chords centered around lyrics about passing away from cancer.

By now, the Patient of the story is already an unsavory character, but this is the one time where you see the vulnerable man underneath everything, becoming more and more soggy from every chemo treatment and asking that he be buried in all of his favorite colors when it comes time for him to depart from this Earth. The dude might not have that much longer before he expires, but the sound of this track is practically Let It Be with a bit more eyeshadow on.


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