10 Perfect Rock Songs That Divided Rock Bands

9. No Leaf Clover - Metallica

If you didn't know any better, the idea of the sounds of metal clashing with an entire orchestra sounds like a recipe for disaster. As bands like Dream Theater and Rush have shown though, it's sometimes nice to add a little bit of majestic undercurrents to the classic riffs you play every night. When it comes to writing a song with an orchestra...that's a totally different beast.

Although Metallica said that it was a cool challenge to rearrange their songs for an orchestra with S&M, Jason Newsted was getting a little big agitated when it came time to record No Leaf Clover. And it wasn't even the whole song...it was just the outro. When they were running through the song, James Hetfield started to go into falsetto for the last few lines, which drove Jason up the wall.

Asking him to remove it was out of the question though, and Jason went through with it regardless of how annoying it was. Hell, by the time that the concert wrapped, he ended up doing a complete 180 on the outro, saying that the falsetto part was exactly the thing that gets stuck in your head and has you coming back for more. No matter how much metal gets the bad rep as meathead music, you can't say that these guys don't know how to knock out a catchy hook.

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