10 Perfect Rock Songs That Musicians Hate

The Pain That's Profitable.

Guns N Roses Sweet Child Of Mine

For a songwriter, every one of your songs sorta feels like your children. When you're able to put down in words something that millions of people are able to identify with, it makes you feel a lot less alone in the world. Then again, sometimes you have fans singing along for the wrong reasons as well.

Over the years, a lot of these artists have made no qualms about how much they hate playing these songs night after night. Why, though? Since this is the reason why you've become a rockstar, there must be something to them right? Well, sometimes it's not that simple. Though overplay is definitely a factor here, a lot of these songs were hated before they were even pushed out as a single, so you can imagine the shock and horror that these musicians feel when they are actually forced to play it night after night.

There are also some elements of these songs that tend to be a lot more private, which makes for a bit of an uncomfortable experience when you're being paid to play it on a gigantic public stage. In that respect, these songs aren't just the bread and butter behind these acts... they're a chore. So that one song you can't get out of your head? Yeah, the band resents you for even thinking about it.

10. All Hope Is Gone - Slipknot

From his mammoth stage presence to the reckless abandon he has behind his kit, Clown really feels like the DNA behind Slipknot. Ever since day one, Shawn Crahan always held on to the big picture of what the 9 should be, from the way they tied their shoes to the manner in which they walked into the venue. That doesn't mean that everything that the band is associated with has been golden in his eyes.

Which is strange considering All Hope is Gone is among Slipknot's highest charting records, giving them amazing singles like Psychosocial and actually being able to record from their home state of Iowa for the very first time. Then again, it's that comfortable nature that Clown absolutely despises, saying that Slipknot tends to work well when there's something under pressure going on with them. After all, if they didn't have everyone breathing down their necks to get commercial on their second record, we wouldn't have gotten Iowa, now would we?

More than anything, Clown did take exception with the title track, which he felt didn't signify what Slipknot is all about. Even when things seem dire and pain is all around, there's always hope that things will get better, no matter what the cost. Yeah...bet you'd never see the day when you see the clown-masked freak from Slipknot getting a little bit heartfelt, did you?

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