10 Perfect Singles By Terrible Rock Bands

It's time to admit MMMBop was a banger.

Limp Bizkit

Every now and then a group who doesn't deserve to hit the big time, lucks out. When you're on to the winning formula, the only real gauge is how well the public receive it. We're not just talking about those vaguely catchy tracks that blow up and managed to stay in the charts for an unwarranted amount of time. We're talking tracks that even after years after the fact, still rest somewhere in the shared consciousness of universally accepted bangers.

We all have those songs that fall under the umbrella of 'guilty pleasure'; they're the songs that for all your better judgment, you can't help but bust a move to, or shamelessly sing while you cruise to work. That's not what we're talking about either. You can listen to Taylor Swift secretly on your own.

These are the tracks that as a collective, we're comfortable admitting hit the spot - even if the artists who made them are considered less then subpar...

10. Imagine Dragons: Radioactive

Since the release of their debut record in 2012, Imagine Dragons have slowly replaced Coldplay and Nickelback as the most popular band to rip on. The hate hurled at them usually comes from a place of frustration; namely that they've dominated the rock charts for years, despite playing a kind of music that could only loosely be defined as rock.

In an era of post-genre music, perhaps it's unfair to give these guys so much grief, merely because they don't conform to a clearly definable sound. They've consistently remained popular for over a decade, which has to count for something... , right? Wrong.

We can admit these guys released a solid debut. Crossing hip hop beats and huge electronic bass lines, with rousing anthem-rock, was exciting stuff. But God-damn did they hammer home the whole evocative, heavy drumbeat thing. Every release since Radioactive just sounds like a rehash of that original concept. An incessant and domineering bass isn't enough to disguise derivative pop music for what it is.

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