10 Perfect Songs From Terrible Bands

9. For the Movies - Buckcherry

There's a good chance that Buckcherry started their career about a decade too late. While they may have killed it on the same LA rock streets that Motley Crue came from, hearing this kind of sleazy rock and roll just seemed like a bad joke in the late '90s, as if Steel Panther were taking every single one of their songs seriously. Before Crazy Bi*ch became one of the biggest drunken singalongs in strip clubs across the world though, the band actually had...some heart?

For all of the macho posturing and screaming that Josh Todd likes to do, For the Movies is one of the more introspective songs that the band would ever write, talking about being down on your luck in the City of Angels and wondering if any of this hard work is ever going to pay off. While we're seeing most of this through the eyes of this couple in the song trying to make it work, it's not hard to make the connection between them and every kid who comes to Los Angeles with a twinkle in their eye, looking to find something a lot better than what they were getting back home.

Granted, the past few years have made many people regret giving bands like Buckcherry a shot, using their chance at fame to make some of the more tacky music that the rock scene has ever spat out. When you put these guitar chords and just a little bit of charisma together on a song like this though, making it big in the music industry actually seems like it could be possible.

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