10 Perfect Songs On Terrible Albums

Shining Through the Cracks.

Nickelback Far Away

For every great album that’s in a band’s catalog, there are also a few that seem to not quite measure up to the rest. Whether it was a bad idea on the surface or things getting testy in the studio, each of these albums seemed doomed well before they hit store shelves and were quickly forgotten about once fans actually gave them a listen. If you throw all of the record away, you’re also pitching some stuff that may have been great to begin with.

Because even if these albums have a lot of faults, that doesn’t mean they’re inherently bad from beginning to end. Some of the worst songs that these bands have ever made turn up on these records, but there are also some songs that show them getting back on the right track if only for a few minutes, giving you a glimpse of the band you used to know lying just underneath the surface.

Once you notice songs like these, they end up sticking out like a sore thumb when you actually listen to the album in full, with either awful or forgettable songs coming and going before having something fantastic actually peek through the cracks. If anything, these are the few times where we actually start to see what these bands were going for with these projects, only for them to fumble it by going in a different direction.

10. I Am The Bullgod - Kid Rock

For most nu metal fans, Kid Rock is supposed to be a distant memory that's best left in the late '90s. Throughout his years of continued releases and dipping his toes into different genres, Mr. Rock has turned himself into one of the best used car salesmen that the rock scene has ever known, talking about how real he is despite growing up in suburban Detroit. If you're in the right headspace though, he seemed to have some sort of potential on his most successful work.

Although Devil Without a Cause is known more nowadays for Bawitdaba's dumbass chorus, I Am the Bullgod seems to be going for something that's a lot more dirty and almost metal in some places...and it actually pulls it off surprisingly well. With not as many obvious samples blaring in the background to remind you of the better music you could be listening to, Kid Rock actually sounds hungry on this track, looking to wallow in all of the excess that go into playing the big rock star.

Granted, it's easy to see Kid Rock playing to his strengths on a song like this as well, since rhymes about sex, drugs, and more drugs are pretty much everything there is to this lyric sheet. For all of the questionable decisions he's made in his lifetime, I Am The Bullgod feels like the quintessential Kid Rock song, looking to call his shot as one of the meanest mammajammas from Detroit (his words, not mine). It's not nearly as badass as he thinks it is, but we're one notch up from Bawitdaba's baby gibberish, and we have to take the victories that we get.

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