10 Pop Stars Who Should Have Been One-Hit Wonders

How did any of these people make it to a second hit single?


You only get one chance to make a first impression, and nobody knows that better than the dreaded one-hit wonder. Just ask Chumbawamba if they'd like to go back in time and maybe shelve "Tubthumping" (a.k.a. the "I get knocked down" song) for a few more years in favor of something a little less kitschy. They're actually a very solid punk group with a penchant for political skewering, but you'd never know that from the song about "pissing the night away" from whiskey drinks, lager drinks, and cider drinks.

Part of the trick to avoid having one ultra-popular song overshadow the rest of a musician's discography is staying away from any song that might be considered a novelty. No one's taking your work seriously after "Who Let the Dogs Out?" It's just not happening.

Although, how did human garbage bin Kesha (spelled without the dollar sign symbol, because that's stupid and she's not Prince) get to be so popular? Who knows. That's the luck factor playing a major role, as fate apparently lets a few stinkers slip through the cracks for more than just their fifteen minutes on occasion.

The following musicians all caught a lucky break somewhere down the line, because based solely on their breakout single, they all should have failed to make it past the "Where Are They Know?" files. They're not all bad, per se, just...fortunate.

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