10 Popular Songs That Are Actually Terrible

You'll sing along with your mates at the pub, but deep down you know it's all a farce.


Music is weird isn't it? You can take a song that is truly terrible and it will still be stuck in your head for the entire day, just because of a catchy little hook or a clever lyric.

Take the Crazy Frog for example. No one is going to herald that album as one of the greatest of all time, yet just the mere sight of the name probably has brought hack all those chilling "bing-bings" from the pits of your mind where you buried it (for which I apologise).

This conditioning though is what the industry thrives off of. Somehow they've managed to identify a correlation between success and irritation. This for me is the only reason I can see how The Ketchup Song by Las Ketchup was number one in 27 countries or how Linkin Park are still together.

This list then is not just a collection of bad songs as that'd be too easy (I'd just fill it with Nikki Minaj's entire discography). What this is instead is a series of songs that managed to trick you into thinking they were/are good.


They're the songs that you sing along to at the work parties or request on karaoke night whilst your subconscious quietly asks you "why are you like this?"

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