10 Punk Bands That Released 5 Great Albums In A Row

The insane feats of punk music.

Joel Ryan/AP

Here’s the thing about the best punk bands: most are short-lived.

Minor Threat and the Sex Pistols only released one album (though they are classics), both The Clash and Iggy and the Stooges lasted for less than ten years and only a handful of Black Flag’s 24 musicians were in the band for over five years.

When you give everything you have to making abrasive, reckless music, it takes a lot to pick yourself up and do it again and again. People become tired, bands form fractured relationships and everything crashes and burns - but not for the bands on this list.

Here are 10 bands that have managed to survive and endure, making not only one classic, excellent punk record but do it again four more times. Through laying themselves out on the line, thrashing around and simply making excellent music, these artists have made five excellent albums in a row. From post-punk innovators to genre creators and modern legends, there's so much variety here and 50 brilliant punk rock albums.

Sometimes you burn out and fast, but these bands are absolute endurance legends...


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