10 Punk Bands You Need To See Before You're Boring

9. The King Blues

The King Blues are a Camden based punk band with a very pro-activist and left-wing message behind their music. Started in 2006 by former Big Issue salesman, Jonny “Itch” Fox, The King Blues have had a powerful impact on the UK punk scene over the last decade. Staying true to their roots and beliefs, it was possible to attend their earlier shows for free if you brought along a copy of that week’s Big Issue.

Often touring with bands who share a similar political influence, such as Enter Shikari, The King Blues really started making waves career-wise between 2009 and 2012, including performing on the Main Stage at Reading & Leeds Festival in 2010. Sadly, in 2012 the band called it quits, believing they’d gone as far as they could.

However, as a silver lining to the current political climate, The King Blues were forced out of hibernation in 2016 and have been touring regularly since. Right now they’re even touring a punk-rock puppet opera based around the accidental nuclear strike warning released in Hawaii in 2018. (Yes, you read that correctly.) Along with Itch’s spoken-word poetry, The King Blues may now come across as hipster punk, but dammit, it’s good punk nonetheless.

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