10 Rare Muse Songs You've Probably Never Heard

You've Heard Uprising and Hysteria. Now It's Time To Look Under the Hood.

Mate 2nd Class Rob Rubio / Public domain

Muse have been one of those rare rock bands that have actually been able to maintain a firm hold on the mainstream. Despite most of rock and roll being all but dead on the charts, this power trio moved past any of their Radiohead plagiarisms and came out on the other side as one of the greatest stadium rock acts of the past century. However, when you reach the top thanks to only a handful of songs, it doesn't really tell the full story.

From one album to the next, there have been some amazing Muse cuts that always seem to fall under the radar for most fans. While it's easy to just digest the albums in full, there are even some choice cuts that are reserved for B-sides, one-off singles, and even the occasional goof for good measure. That's not even mentioning the live show, where they have been known to stretch out songs to include different bits and pieces of rock from days gone by.

To put it in perspective, even their cover songs sound amazing, with every other rendition sounding like they fully inhabited their favorite artists and are spitting the music back out in their unique Muse way. As opposed to another chant-along chorus or prog rock epic, this is where the riffs start to get a bit more interesting.

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