10 Rarest Band T-Shirts Of All Time

Are you sitting on a goldmine?

Def Jam

It’s strange. The usual thing to do after getting your hands on a T-shirt from your favourite band is to endlessly wear it for years and years until you wear it out. Now though, various high street chains (like Topshop and Primark in the UK) sell replica T-shirts to the masses.

There was a time when the only way you could get your hands on a Ramones or Kiss t-shirt was to go their merch stand after one of their gigs, but now they’re the cool in-thing - especially ones from the '70s golden age of rock and roll, with psychedelic designs from bands like MC5 and Jefferson Airplane.

Like records, band t-shirts have become big business over the last decade, especially if they are in decent/good condition. A Cranberries t-shirt from their 1995 world tour went for $2,500 for one keen collector in 2014 (the seller might be kicking himself now given they’re valued on eBay for less than $400). A baseball shirt from a Michael Jackson’s tour in support of Thriller from 1984 has previously sold for close to $1000. The original ‘Appetite For Destruction’ t-shirt for Guns N’ Roses’ European tour has sold for over $1000.

Here we’ll look at the most expensive band t-shirts that have popped up on the open market.

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