10 Reasons Why My Chemical Romance Desperately Need To Reform

10. Their Last Song Was Titled Fake Your Death

Come on, this one just isn't fair. The last song My Chemical Romance released was titled Fake Your Death, and it came on the back of a greatest hits album called May Death Never Stop You, released around a year after the band broke up. For a group so well known for its theatricality and larger-than-life concepts, fans couldn't help hoping that this song was a sly hint of things to come. Surely the guys weren't really throwing in the towel, merely prepping the world for a rebirth of epic proportions. What would the album be titled? What would the music videos entail? And more pertinently, what would Gerard€™s new hairstyle be? For ages fan communities were buzzing with outlandish theories, spreading rumours and keeping a a keen eye for a single piece of suspicious code on the band's website. Sadly, nothing ever came of it. As time passed, hope that Fake Your Death was hinting at something dwindled. MCR truly were no more. But if the band does get back together, they could still champion this aesthetic of resurrection. Who doesn't want to see the guys return to the stage dressed outlandishly like phoenixes?

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