10 Recent Indie-Rock Covers You'll Never Go Back From

When making it Indie made all the difference.


One of the pleasant surprises lockdown brought was the stark rise of covers that started to surface, proving to be something easy and fun for the artists to make while also being widely accessible for fans.

With all the new covers to feast our ears on, common themes have been popping up. Many tend to stick close to their wheelhouse, so much so that it ends up being a re-tread of the original with the covering artists adding little more than their vocals to popular tunes. We get it, artists want to be as faithful and authentic to the original sound as possible, and on the most part, they do make some nice subtle changes, enough to make it an enjoyable experience.

But they could be so much more. The most memorable covers reimagine the original in a way that completely fits in with the sound the covering artists are known for doing already. Some even manage to interpret lyrics in a different light and just run with it. Either way, their transformations are so complete that you'd swear you were listening to an original track. So here's a look at the ones that did it best over the past few years.

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