10 Rock Albums That Artists Regret Making

Songs We Don't Want To Be Seen With.

Foo Fighters Times Like This

You can't really recognize incredible music unless it's in hindsight. For as much as a catchy tune might last you through the summer, the idea of having music that sticks to you only holds up if it resonates every time you hear it. Though these songs may have felt right for the time, the musicians in question have revisited these records with a slightly bitter taste.

While most musicians stand by their old work as something special, these records have practically been given the critical clubbing before the critics even got to it.

No matter how much time these artists spent trying to hone their craft, most of them stand by their opinion that these records are either outright crap or nowhere near as good as they could have been. What makes it all the more laughable is when you realize that the albums in question are often monumental releases.

While there's occasionally some crap sprinkled in, a lot of these records are some of the artists' best work, only to left out to dry whenever they bring it up in everyday conversation.

For as much as we may love to blast these records from time to time, just make sure that the people who made it aren't within earshot when you're doing it.

10. Power Windows - Rush

Most bands who dominated the '70s didn't really have the smoothest of transitions into the next decade. Once the focus shifted to the MTV era of videos, the likes of acts like Styx and Ted Nugent were starting to look all the more passe with each passing day. Though Rush managed to walk the line fairly well, Power Windows is the result of going just a little bit too far over the line.

It's not like Rush hadn't dabbled in electronic music before this though, with synths being a prominent part of their sound since A Farewell to Kings. Since it was the mid '80s though, this is where everything and the kitchen sink is brought into the mix, with Mystic Rhythms being the only thing that could be called a single from the record. While Neil Peart and Geddy Lee were still willing to go down this road, these songs ended up hitting a sour note with Alex Lifeson.

With his signature guitar wails being pushed further and further into the background, Lifeson has always had a tense relationship with this record, oftentimes fighting with the rest of the band as to why he was looking for a different place when the keyboards were taking over. Despite returning to the loud guitars a few years down the road, Power Windows is still a powerhouse of a record if you're willing to look for a nice '80s throwback.

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