10 Rock Albums That Killed Artists' Careers

The Rock and Roll Graveyard.

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If there's anything we've learned over the past few years, it's that rock and roll is not going to be leaving anytime soon. Though it might not occupy the charts as much as it used to, there are always going to be artists looking to push the boundaries of the genre and make something more interesting than what came before. Then again, you can also get too ambitious for your own good and end up going in the exact opposite direction.

Across every decade, there have been plenty of albums that have been called the worst of all time by critics. These aren't necessarily the worst of the worst. These are the records that are so bad that they sank the careers of artists for good. Did they still do stuff after this album? Yeah...some of them. The only problem was they were never able to regain the momentum that they started with and ended up resting on their laurels for the rest of their time as performers.

Whether it's breaking up the band or shaking their confidence, we would never be seeing these artists the same way again after these records. Dearly beloved, let us gather here today to pay tribute to those that we lost along the way. If only they were able to steer clear of these albums.

10. The Long Run - Eagles

Some of the most obvious career killer albums come at the expense of the amazing record that came before it. Since you're never never going to be able to top a masterpiece, there's nowhere else to go but down after that. Even though Hotel California was going to be tough to beat for the Eagles, The Long Run saw them dipping their toes into more drugs than actual songs.

Being fueled by more cocaine than could fill a warehouse, you can definitely here it on this album, with half of the songs sounding like jam sessions and the entire band sounding burnt out with each other halfway through the record. Hell, not even all of these songs were written for the project, with I Can't Tell You Why being a Timothy Schmidt original to introduce him to the fans and In The City being a leftover from a Joe Walsh solo outing.

It wasn't too long before everything imploded afterward though, with the accompanying tour ending with a charity gig that left Glenn Frey and Don Felder fighting with each other onstage. Though the sunset may have looked beautiful on the cover of Hotel California, this is where the darkness fully settled on the Eagles' era of sunshine rock.

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