10 Rock Albums That Killed Artists' Careers

9. Danger Days - My Chemical Romance

Each My Chemical Romance record felt like a deliberate choice to try and outdo what came before. That's totally natural though, wanting to progress from one strength to the next without having to sacrifice what made you great in the first place. When you hit the ceiling with The Black Parade though, Gerard Way still decided to go for broke regardless on Danger Days.

Although the idea of a dystopian Mad Max style adventure sounds perfect for MCR, there's almost a lack of passion in what they're doing on here. The songs themselves may have been great, but you can see that Gerard was starting to pull away from the rock band format, with the entire concept for this record coming from a comic book idea that he had formulating around the same time.

Also this record does show a few more dated tropes than some would be willing to admit, with the use of fuzzy keyboards feeling less like a throwback to the '80s and more like a means to try and win back some fans who were jumping on the indie pop bandwagon. While it's stretching to say these guys were out of ideas, they seemed to think they were, breaking up a few months shy of the promotional tour wrapping up. Though Danger Days is the closest MCR record to be considered a product of its time, it still tends to shine well on the time period it was created in.

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