10 Rock Albums That Peak With The First Song

It was all downhill for the rest of these records.

 Jimmy Page Robert Plant Led Zeppelin
Jim Summaria / Wikimedia Commons

Deciding how to open a new album is one of the most important decisions a musician has to make.

You want something good, obviously, otherwise people will switch off and all your hard work will be wasted.

It's also imperative that track one sets the tone for the rest of the album to come. There's no point opening up with an energetic disco bop if the rest of the album is going to be downbeat acoustic numbers about how much you hate your dad.

Equally, it's important that the first song on the album doesn't overshadow everything that comes after it. Unfortunately, these ten famous artists learned that lesson far too late.

There's two directions that this list is going to go in.

One is with albums that have other good songs on them, but save their best offering for first. Others, well they have one good song and it's right at the start. In one particular case, the opening track on the band's first album is better than anything else they ever did!

Word of advice to budding rockers out there - don't do that.

10. Rocks - Aerosmith

In 1976, hard rock heroes Aerosmith released their fourth studio album simply titled Rocks.

Does what it says on the tin, really.

Whilst Steven Tyler hadn't quite perfected his trademark gravelly vocals just yet, the album was still full of gems (as the title would suggest), including the very first offering.

Back in the Saddle builds and builds until it erupts into life, starting the record off on an explosive note. It frames the rest of the album nicely, announcing that Tyler and his boys are ready to ride once more.

Again, does what it says on the tin.

The song has become a firm favourite amongst Aerosmith lovers. They've played it over 700 times live, which is more times than they've played What It Takes and I Don't Want To Miss A Thing.

The rest of the album is alright, with Last Child immediately following this track and Home Tonight to close things out, but there's no getting around just how great Back in the Saddle is.

It's one of the band's best ever openers, and there's no way anything else on the album could have ever matched up.


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