10 Rock Albums That Peak With The Second Song

9. Pyromania - Def Leppard

Before you say anything, no, this has nothing to do with Nickelback.

Nothing should ever have anything to do with Nickelback.

Instead, this entry is all to do with British heavy metal heroes Def Leppard's third studio album Pyromania. For some people, this was when the Sheffield-based rockers sold out and went more commercial, turning their backs on the metal scene that had birthed them.

For others, it's the record that started the band as we know them today and is probably the smartest thing they've ever done.

Those people are Def Leppard's accountants.

The second song on the record is the gigantic Photograph, which has one of the catchiest riffs in the history of rock music. This song is layered to perfection, with riff, vocals, backing vocals, drums, and synths all coming together beautifully to create a cheesy slice of radio-friendly heaven.

When it comes to the rest of Pyromania, the next best track is probably Rock of Ages, and that's only really famous for being where The Offspring got that weird fake German phrase from the start of Pretty Fly.

It's a legacy... of sorts.


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