10 Rock Albums That Were Killed By One Song

The songs that sent their albums spiralling...


It's usually a labor of love for any band to make an album. No matter how strenuous the process gets, there's nothing like having the sound in your head made real right before your ears. At the same time, the freedom that you have in a studio has come back to bite many bands throughout the years.

Whether it be because of an off-hand experiment or just a certain moment where everything went wrong, bands have created songs that have messed up the rest of the album by design. The album itself might not even by that bad, but when you have these songs on the track listing, they stick in the listener's brain and refuse to go away. Even if you have some of your best work on these records, they will forever have to live in the shadow of the one song where you dropped the ball.

Here are just a few examples of songs that sent their parent albums on a downward path. A lot of blood, sweat, and tears were put into these albums, but it only took one tune to nullify any goodwill the rest of the record had.

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