10 Rock Albums That Were Killed By One Song

9. Young and Menace - Fall Out Boy

Ever since their reunion, the public reception of Fall Out Boy in the rock world has been fairly mixed. While many have criticized the band for going in a more mainstream direction, others have applauded them for transitioning into a pop rock act rather than the emo pop punk group we knew back in the 2000's. However, even the staunchest Fall Out Boy defenders were up in arms once the band dropped "Young and Menace" as a single.

Though the song starts off strongly enough with the typical pop-rock buildup, the chorus of the song isn't even a hook but rather a vocal manipulation of the title that makes it sound like a digital chipmunk trying to emote. The backlash from this one track was so bad that the band eventually issued a statement saying that they were pushing back the release date of their new album to touch a few things up.

That may have left fans hopeful, but when the song remained unchanged on the final version of the album, many couldn't stomach the band's antics anymore. Even during the live shows, the band was known to play the song as a semi-interlude and omit the chorus. It may have felt like a bold new invention for Fall Out Boy at the time, but this song ended up being the most misguided choice of their entire career.

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