10 Rock Artists That Ripped Off Other Bands

The Art of Musical Plagiarism.

Mate 2nd Class Rob Rubio / Public domain

Any musician's goal tends to be staying true to yourself. No matter how much the world around you might change, you always try to find the ideal version of your own sound that will hopefully resonate will people all around the world. As the phrase goes though, while smart people may borrow, it takes a true genius to outright steal.

Throughout rock history, there have been thousands of artists who openly wear their influences a little too close to their sleeve. Whether it be for a few lines of a song or in the entire construction of the band, these acts have been able to make their millions by just doing what their heroes did before them. It's not like these musicians aren't aware of it either, with some deliberately putting in references to their favorite bands for the sole purpose of stirring the pot with both their fans and critics.

Though this might not have taken as much thought as just making your own music, there's something to admire in wearing your influences without a trace of cynicism. Love them or hate them, these acts knew that their greatest strengths had already been done. From working out the bugs to building an empire of plagiarism, here are the riffs that might sound a little too familiar.

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