10 Rock Artists Who Got Banned From Certain Countries

3. The Kinks - The USA

Basically, if you've got a criminal conviction, then you can kiss your chances of entering the US goodbye.

Libertines' singer Pete Doherty, TV chef Nigella Lawson, and boxer Tyson Fury are among the British celebrities barred from entering America due to previous crimes or links to criminal activity.

Although, just imagine being the immigration officer who has to tell Tyson Fury that he's not allowed in. You'd brick it.

Formerly on that list were UK rockers The Kinks, who were extremely popular during the 1960s. Their fame in the States never quite reached the levels of The Beatles or The Rolling Stones, and this ban might have had something to do with it.

It all started on an episode of Where The Action Is, a music TV show hosted by the legendary Dick Clark. The Kinks were apparently late, which caused someone who worked on the show to start spewing anti-British hate at them.

Note to self, never make Ray Davies mad.

The frontman punched the guy out and that was the end of that. The American Federation of Musicians banned the group from touring the US, cutting them off in their prime.

You could say they... Really Got Them... sorry.


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