10 Rock Artists Who Got Banned From Certain Countries

4. Bloodhound Gang - Russia

Oh good, we're talking about Vladimir Putin again...

Unlike Fred Durst and his Putin-sympathising ways, US band Bloodhound Gang made it very clear that they were not the biggest fans of Russia's long-term ruler.

At a 2013 concert in Odessa, Ukraine, the group's bass player Jared Hasselhoff (no relation to David) produced a Russian flag. Already, this has trouble written all over it.

Hasselhoff then took the flag and shoved it down his underpants, proceeding to apparently wipe his backside with the country's emblem. He then pulled the flag out of the back of his garments and said to the crowd "Don't tell Putin."

Oh Jared, he already knows.

As a result of this stunt, the Gang's upcoming performance at Russia's Kubana festival was cancelled. Russian Culture Minister Vladimir Medinsky displayed all the grace of a seasoned politician, referring to the band as "idiots" in a statement.

Now that's diplomacy.

Honestly, it's not a surprise that the band behind The Bad Touch were responsible for such a childish stunt. Although, if they did this sort of thing these days, they'd probably be praised as heroes by most people in the West.


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