10 Rock Bands People Love To Hate

Everyone says these huge rock bands suck, but somebody has to be buying their albums...

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Music is a complex world, defined by larger than life personalities and hordes of vastly differing fanbases. Due to the wide variety and demands of the onlooking fans within the industry, music has resultantly become an immeasurably wide spectrum over the decades to cater to everyone’s tastes. From jazz to grindcore, music offers something for everyone to love. Alternatively, the astonishing breadth of the musical landscape at present means there is inevitably something for everyone to hate as well.

As any experienced journalist or photographer will tell you, ‘negativity sells’, and this sentiment is carried by huge chunks of rock music fandom. Some bands have risen to prominence thanks to an ironic love or outpouring of resistance against them. In turn, this generates more opposition to their music as they become exposed to more people.

Rock music is living proof that the more popular you are, the more unpopular you are also. Some bands have learned to harness this, others struggle to move past it.

With that being said, here are ten huge rock bands that everybody loves to hate.

10. Dragonforce

Dragonforce are living proof that no matter how good you are at something, you’ll always have other people saying that you need to be better. The pioneers of modern British power metal were formed in 1999 by Hong Kong-born lead guitarist Herman Li, and quickly began generating fan attention. By the time the band released their first album, ‘Valley of the Damned’, in 2003, they already enjoyed a solid fanbase. Dragonforce didn’t reach stardom until 2006 though thanks to their hit single ‘Through the Fire and Flames’, which famously featured on Guitar Hero III.

However, anti-fans for the group began to emerge from the woodwork, accusing Dragonforce of being sloppy live performers and suggesting that their guitar recordings were sped up in post-production. The band have always denied this though, and there is certainly no doubt of Li’s guitar skill.

From a poor family, Li was left-handed as a child but his parents couldn’t afford to buy him a left handed guitar. As a result, he taught himself to play with his less dominant right hand and is now one of rock’s few ambidextrous guitar players.

Dragonforce now have eight studio albums to their name, with the latest being 2019’s ‘Extreme Power Metal’.

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