10 Rock Bands That Almost Killed Each Other In The Studio

Metallica and The Beatles' greatest hits nearly never happened after these fights turned ugly.


Making an album should always feel like a labor of love for the musicians involved. Though it can be a bit difficult capturing the final take of your songs, it should never diminish the idea of creating the best piece of musical art that you can. At the same time, getting the results doesn't always mean you're on the best of terms by the end.

Across every style of rock music, people have gone into the studio and left very different people. Whether it was the gruelling task of getting it down on tape or the external drama creeping onto the studio floor, these artists really had their work cut out for them when putting these things together. In the process, fists would fly, words would be exchanged, and occasionally instruments would be broken in the process.

What's even more troubling is having the producer in the middle of things, who either acts as the moderator of the madness or adds to it in order to get just the right magic they want onto the final mix. It paid off in the long run though, with most of these culminating in the best work these acts have ever made. It's not for the faint of heart, but nothing in rock and roll really is.

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