10 Rock Bands That Defined The 2000's

The flag-bearers of rock in Y2K.


The turn of the century was a whirlwind time for pop culture. Not only were cell phones becoming much more prevalent, but an interesting technological idea called 'the Internet' was still coming out of the shadows.

Music was changing radically as well with Apple becoming a massive conglomerate and the format shifting from CDs to pirated and non-pirated downloads. The charts, however, were somewhat abysmal for rock music, being dominated by sugary pop music, R&B, and hip hop.

As the decade went on, many different bands came out of the woodwork to be the spokespeople for rock as we entered the digital age.

Was rock's impact as large as the swinging 60's or the grunge 90's were? That, of course, is up for debate. Regardless, these are bands that crafted new directions rock could go in as the music landscape broadened.

Keep in mind this is not a list to end all lists. These are simply a collection of bands who have made strides that stuck out compared to their contemporaries. Cool? Cool.


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