10 Rock Bands That Never Sold Out

9. Beastie Boys

If you had told some of the first hip hop fans that we'd still be talking about the Beasties today, you would probably get a few confused faces. After all, these were the kind of Bowery Boy New York style rappers that seemed like jokes from the minute that you heard songs like Fight For Your Right to Party. And yet, with each passing album, the Beasties seemed to grow the hell up.

Even when their followup Paul's Boutique was met with mixed reception in the early days, the hip hop community has come around on its sample heavy production and have heralded it as one of the greatest records of the '80s. Once the '90s kicked into high gear though, the Beasties were never content to stay a fun party rap outfit. Getting a lot more aggro with age, albums like Ill Communication and Check Your Head had a lot more going for them, with the traditional hard as nails rap songs interpolated with straight up punk bangers like Tough Guy.

As the years went on and the timeline between albums got bigger and bigger, the quality never suffered either, with stuff like the Mix Up even showing the band's chops at the instrumental hip hop scene that was coming out around the turn of the century. Though they might not be everyone's cup of tea, you have to give the Beasties props for earning their stripes across genres and getting two different generations to embrace them.

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