10 Rock Bands That Never Sold Out

8. Motorhead

As the hard rock scene started to get a lot more nasty, the sounds of metal weren't too far around the corner. Though you had bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin who were clear pioneers of the genre, it wasn't until acts like Judas Priest came along that metal really started to get its name. And even if Lemmy stood by the fact that Motorhead were a rock and roll band, this is some of the gnarliest rock music ever conceived.

Though it's easy to just peg the band into the initial sound that they were known for on records like Ace of Spades, there's a lot more to explore in some of the deep cuts that everyone forgets about. This isn't a case of the band being influenced by the new scene though, rather just Lemmy getting a little bit feral in his older age and getting even more angry.

If you look at something like Overkill and compare it to some of the later Motorhead releases, you'll see a few common threads, but it all comes back to Lemmy's gargled-with-nails vocal delivery and making some of the most kickass rock and roll you can physically muster. Critics may have said that the band were beating a dead horse for years, but if it ain't broke, why the hell would Lemmy try to fix it?

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